To a Forrest made of Stars
Some time ago I had an idea for a children’s book.  The details were a bit fuzzy and they still are, but the story consisted of two young squirrels; one red, the other grey trying to escape an escalating feud between their two species.  

As time went on I imagined more characters, a mouse holding a burning twig, who had befriended a blind sparrow.  A fox cub who’d be the largest member of the group carrying them all on his back. 

They had all lost their families to the war of the forest animals. Although they were from different backgrounds they would become like family, an alliance of orphans.

I am no good at writing stories but at times I can draw, so last October (Inktober) I challenged myself to put these characters together depicting various scenes from the story. I wanted to use nothing but a ballpoint pen to give these illustrations a vintage look. 

As time went on I grew fond of the story. Even the antagonists started developing their own characteristics and personalities. Although this project simply started so that I could practice putting together storybook illustrations I hope one day to complete this story.
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