Marble Worlds
A childhood story 
Many years ago class took a day trip to the science museum in London. On the way out we were allowed to purchase souvenirs from the museums gift shop. I didn’t have much money that day but I was able to afford a single marble. As children we didn’t need much to keep us entertained. The marble kept me entertained for what seemed like years, although it was probably only a few weeks. Some time later I managed crack the surface of the marble, whenever I’d hold the chip up to my eye the fractal nature of the crack would split the light in peculiar ways. Although it was just a marble, my imagination placed me in a foreign world.  I could make out what seemed like a tree and a massive field stretching off into the distance. It was as if that crack in the marble became a window to another realm. I imagined what this world would look like, it’s own eco system, and inhabitants going about their daily lives. That odd memory was the inspiration for this visual.
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