As an attendee of this exhibit you have the added option of purchasing one of five limited edition prints of 
The piece is  a  
Giclée Print using UltraChrome K3 Archival Ink
On Acid Free, 250 GSM, UltraSmooth 100% Cotton Rag
for a limited time only you can own your own copy by following this link.
About the Piece
In many ways our environment is partially responsible for our identities, the fast paced style of living in our city evidently has an effect on the identity many of its residents. Daniel tried to capture this idea in his work. ‘Like Labyrinth’ depicts a young lady facing anxiety, whilst traversing her own internal Labyrinth. As the viewer looks at the image they may see previously unseen details, texture, and terrain.

The Process 
The original piece was created using a stippling technique, trying to avoid simply using dots to shade, Daniel tried to create natural textures to give a sense of depth to the image. Please see the video below to see his process for yourself. 
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