Bound Moments : Stallion

I have recently fallen in love with the idea of drawing in the fourth  dimension. Usually when drawing a picture we focus on capturing a moment. A two dimensional image can be made to look three dimensional using the right shading and perspective. But what if one wanted to draw not just a frozen moment, but a sequence of moments?

I have found that the Moleskine Japanese Album notebook was the perfect tool. It's seamless nature allows for one continuous image to be drawn, unrestricted by usual dimensional restraints. Initially my Idea was to draw a large continuous sketch I envisioned horses galloping, but it wasn't enough for me to capture a still frame.  Then each individual page would act as a single frame of a galloping horse. 
Once completed I took a photo of each individual frame of the horse running. All images were then compiled and played in sequence to create the illusion of a galloping stallion. The entire process can be seen below. 
The entire process took about 16 days in total.
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